Do Premier WordPress Themes have a harmful effect on ranking?

Do Premier WordPress Themes have a harmful effect on ranking?


Could Premier WordPress Themes be negatively influencing Download Speeds and Positioning?


If your website is near the bottom of the initial page of the Google results for the keywords targeted, possible new clients and new visitors to your internet site would never discover you. Since 2014, more work is done on mobile technology than computers. Individuals as well as online search engines have actually once more been affected by download rates which subsequently influence quality scores along with ranking.

Premier WordPress Themes offer several attributes to help create great websites and many plugins can be taken advantage of. However, some of the features might not be necessary for the internet site but will still have an awful result on download rates and positioning.

Some websites, like Pingdom, analyze download rates for web pages. Download speeds of web pages first of all with premium themes and then with lite themes can be analyzed.

Pingdom testing could lower the average web page measurements by 0.3 Mb so converting from premium themes to lite themes can be a good thing.

There are over 200 signs that Google tries to find when ranking internet sites and they are divided into 4 groups:

1. Significance

If you have used an SEO expert in Essex to help with your internet marketing campaign and you have selected the best keywords for your business, these keywords should be in the body of the text as well as in the underlying coding in the Page Title, Page Headers and also the Alt tags. Placing keywords in the anchor text of incoming web links additionally has a positive influence on significance.

dyslexia - coloured overlays - ALL ABOUT MY DYSLEXIA YT

A charity helping children with Irlen syndrome might have a website with keywords like online dyslexia testing, visual stress or Irlen diagnostic assessments and if these keywords are in the underlying programming and headers as well as the text, this could boost the site’s positioning on Google.


2. Authority

Originally, Google took into account the inbound links for working out placing. The value of each internet link is affected by the authority of the other site in addition to the selection of outbound internet links on that particular web page. Google does still utilize PageRank in the ranking formula, yet PageRank is not available to the public any more. Moz Page and Domain Authority figures are some of the most useful authority metrics provided.

3. Quality Score

Search engines can tell if a website provides an outstanding customer experience by the amount of time individuals spend on a site, the diminished bounce rates and the minimized return for more site recommendations for the same keywords. Pages that are attractive with high quality information will absolutely have good quality scores. Websites that download and install rather gradually will have lower quality scores and be positioned further down the Google results web pages.

4. Digital Impact

It has typically been recognized that websites with routine blog posts and articles and those connected to Social Media Networks will rank more highly on Google.

wedding photographer - wedding photography live lessons - seeme YT 450

If a photographer specialising in weddings has a website and posts articles on a regular basis about wedding photography techniques with bride and groom shots and family images in a relaxed and romantic setting, this could help to improve the site’s position on Google which will subsequently bring in more potential clients.