Google is Pressing us towards AdWords instead of Organic Search (SEO)

Google is Pressing us towards AdWords instead of Organic Search (SEO)

It used to be the case that the Google search engine results put natural search results on the left hand side of the page and Pay Per Click (Paid Search) on the right hand side.

90% of people browsing would certainly click the natural search engine results on the initial page of Google and 1% clicked on an AdWord.

Google is making certain that AdWords are far more eye-catching and is most likely to increase the number of clicks on AdWords yet lower the advantages of top page placing for natural search.

The distinctions in AdWords are:

  1. The style has actually been changed to ensure that they appear much more like natural online search engine results.
  2. They may take over the top 4 positions on the online search engine results page.
  3. For some of the area specific searches, Google places (Maps with Google Business Indexed internet sites) may occupy the area under the top 4 AdWords so that natural internet search engine results do not show up near the top.

Looking at Leading Positioning Elements on AdWords and also Organic Search (SEO)

Google is an online search engine that has the biggest share of the online search market as it gives the most effective search results. The table listed below summarizes the variables that affect ranking on Google for Organic Search and AdWords:

Organic Search (SEO) AdWords (Paid Search)
On-Page Optimisation Yes Yes
Off-Page Optimisation Yes No
Digital Footprint Yes No
Quality Score Yes Yes
Bid Offer N/A Yes


Google concentrates on the quality of the landing page for On-Page Optimization (using keyword expressions, basic synonyms and words that are noticeable on the internet web page as well as in the underlying coding – the internet site title tag, H1, H2, H3 headers, names etc). This is for natural search as well as AdWords. Google is in a similar way interested in high Quality Scores (time invested in a web page, click through rates, Bounce Rates etc) for natural and paid search.

The bid offer really only relates to AdWords and not to organic searches.

The worth of incoming website links has a big impact on rating for natural search but not for paid search. Similarly, the electronic impact, including brief articles and blog posts on your website, blogging on other websites together with social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) is an element that is to be considered for natural search but not AdWords.

Making the best use of AdWords

AdWords can be pricey but bid prices by your opponents will mirror the prospective revenues associated with your keywords. Keywords associated with acquiring vehicles or property have the tendency to be costly, however, cheaper products and services have the propensity to be less costly and keyword analysis using the keyword difficulty tool could expose the absolute best search phrases for your internet site.

You could limit your daily AdWords fees to the level you feel comfortable and you can limit them to certain days in the week and certain times of day that your adverts are shown. You could along with that, limit the geographical location that your AdWords appear.

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There are 5 levels on offer. Broad searches could suggest that your AdWord appears if one of the words in your key phrase is mentioned in a search. As an example, a website for a builder doing loft conversions in Woodford might use the key phrase roof extensions in Woodford or building conversions Essex and the builder in Woodford would appear in the search results for a number of different searches to do with building work around Essex.


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With a narrow search, a search phrase needs to be more specific. A business networking group in the Chingford area focusing on the key phrase networking Chingford would not show up in a search for business referrals London or professional business meetings Walthamstow.



Individuals and business professionals in website hosting and SEO that have accomplished top page positioning on Google for their target search phrases need to make routine checks to see if business reduces as a result of the current Google modifications. They might like to consider the Google online search engine results pages for their target search phrases and they might choose to consider Google Adwords.