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Total Page Reputation

10 month gap in PageRank Updates 2013 – Effect on Total Page Reputation

There was a gap of 10 months between PageRank updates from Google between 4th February 2013 and December 6th 2013.

An analysis of 10,000 keywords had  been performed from 28th November and repeated on 7th December.

These results provide essential information on the stability of total page reputation as a keyword difficulty tool.

Total Page Reputation – Top Combination Reputation Factor in the Google Algorithm

Ranking on Google for a keyword depends on relevance and reputation.

Relevance is determined by the use of the keyword, synonyms and associated words in the body text, underlying coding and anchor (linking) text in incoming links.

Total Page Reputation is determined from the PageRank of the webpage (Page Authority) and PageRank of the HomePage of the website.

HomePages competing for a keyword are given a boost to their effective PageRank to a minimum of 4.5.

The averaged Total Page Reputations of the webpages on the top page of Google for keywords has previously been shown to be remarkably stable.

10,000 keywords (10 Google domains) were analysed for averaged Total Page Reputations on 28th November 2013 and repeated immediatly after the PageRank update on 7th December.

The results of the 28th November study can be viewed here – 10 Thousand Keywords – 10 Countries-131128

The results of the 7th December 2013 study can be viewed here – 10 Thousand Keywords – 10 Countries-131207

The averaged Total Page Reputations of the two sets of data are shown here – 10K study 131128 and 131207

Remarkable stability is demonstrated.

The sum of all the averaged Total Page Reputations for the 10 thousand keywords was 88,350 – November study.

The total of the difference between averaged Total Page Reputations between the two analyses was 7,074.1

The average change was 8%.


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