Is Dwell-Time Really Essential for SEO?

Is Dwell-Time Really Essential for SEO?

Specifically what is the actual impact of machine learning on SEO?

This was the great discussion for SEO last year.

Google is one of the most popular online search engines which is validated by its number 1 position in a great deal of countries. Google prefers to locate websites that have outstanding communication metrics like natural search click-through rate (CTR), the dwell-time, the bounce rate as well as the conversion rate – and provide that web material with better natural search positions. If many people like the web content of an internet site and its web pages then it is going to be true that other people looking for the very same data will also like those same websites.

Some people have in fact had a look at whether there is proof that Google uses machine learning in its ranking formula.

Larry Kim looked at some SEO experiments viewing the effect of click through rates over a period of time. He discovered that much better click through rates were unquestionably linked with higher positions on search engine results pages.

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A synagogue in Buckhurst Hill might have a website with lots of information about Jewish festivals that have been celebrated recently, photographs and videos of recent events or weddings in the community and topical discussion groups about Judaism and the more information that is there, the longer people are likely to stay on the website and the higher the position will be on the search engine results.


In another experiment, Larry found that dwell-time could likewise impact positions. Larry claimed that Google’s machine learning programs are browsing websites that were positioned well a year earlier, yet do not deserve high positions, whereas machine learning is letting worthwhile websites be placed higher up.

A selection of Larry Kim’s investigations looked into information on word stream. He summed up that websites that have less than average time invested in the site are prone when it comes to SEO. Machine learning has a lot more of a harmful impact on positions when compared with the incredible modifications with the Panda and the Penguin updates.

Anticipated impact of search engine machine learning for SEO

Google is advancing in its campaigns to give top quality websites better placements. SEO with on page optimization (positioning keyword expressions in the page content) along with off page optimization (internet link power building) could have assisted web page positioning at the beginning. Yet now the importance of content marketing is recognized and the phrase “content is king” is a much better fit than before.

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For instance, with careful placing of keywords such as Velux loft extensions, roof conversions or building regulations for lofts on a website for a builder doing loft conversions, on page optimization as well as off page optimization may help to move the site nearer the top of the Google search engine results pages. It is possibly true that Google tests the water as well and if an internet site is connected with long dwell-times then a good ranking will certainly be secured.

A distribution company putting leaflets through letterboxes can also assist with marketing for a firm of builders; by designing, printing and distributing leaflets to promote the company, more business might be sent their way.

Adapted from an article by Larry Kim